Hi, this is Manu Ganji. I finished my Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering degree in 2011. Later, I worked in multiple engineering teams and gained a lot of insight into how tech must be built.

I failed at my first startup mainly because of not measuring the variables. That lead me to educate myself in Risk and Uncertainty and related aspects to prevent failures. The Lean Startup by Eric Ries opened my eyes to whole different way to thinking about risk in technology projects. Although I have evolved from that book since reading it I must credit Eric for evangelising such an important idea.

Later I went on to read a lot of books on answering one question. How do we create the context for success at work? My education was in Behavioural Economics (why people don’t see the obvious so often?), Risk (how to design robust systems and policies?), Organizational Design and Behaviour (what the best people expect from their workplace?) and many more ideas.

I believe I bring a unique perspective to the table - a hands on technical experience and the business experience of having bet my own time and money on challenging ideas. I’m going to talk about my learnings in these posts so that other teams can benefit from my mistakes. Reach me from the form below.


  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Pay Per Click Marketing

  • Python, Django
  • Node.js, Meteor
  • PHP, Code Igniter
  • C#
  • Phonegap, Kony Studio
  • JavaScript, Backbone JS, React
  • HTML, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap
  • Markdown, Lua

My Engineering Toolkit